About Us

Elohim EPF USA, Inc.(Elohim) was founded in September of 2013 by David Cha, as a music publishing company to establish a total entertainment concepts to promote Korean culture related to Korean music. Elohim is the first Korean music publishing company in the United States with over 30,000 Korean song copyrights. Elohim has entered into sub-publishing agreement with Korean music publishers such as; (a) Prime Music and Entertainment Ltd, (b) Sang Do Music Publishing company, (c) Elohim EPF Korea, Ltd and (d) EX Entertainment, Ltd. during August & September of 2013.   Primary objective is to monitor, enforce and collect intellectual copyrights of our Korean repertoire songs throughout the U.S., and Canada and also to have our Korean karaoke establishments to obtain proper music copyright license so that in turn Elohim can collect and distribute copyright royalties to our songwriters and publishers in Korea.


Our goal is to bring such a rich musical culture to the Korean communities in United States and promote the Korean songs and educate the Korean karaoke establishments who have been using Korean songs without proper licenses in the past so that they are no longer getting sued but to run their business with legal and proper music copyright licenses in United States and Canada in the near future. It has been over 30 years that Korean community in the United States using Korean music, have not paid one penny for these music copyrights with or without knowing these copyrights.


Mr. Cha has over 25 years of experience in the music publishing and also recorded music with his own independent music publishing company to represent international repertoire. And Mr. Cha entered sub-publishing contract with the largest independent music publishing companies, such as 'Peer Music' and 'Bug Music' along with 37 other music publishers from different part of the globe back in 1994 for Korean territory. In 1997, Mr. Cha was hired by EMI Music Publishing Korea, Ltd and also with EMI Recorded Music Korea, Ltd as a President. EMI was the first International Major publishing company and David Cha was renowned as a major player in the Korean music copyright industry over many years. Also, Mr. Cha was a Chairman of the International Music Publishers Association in Korea and was a Liaison director in the United States for Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA USA) from 2005-2008. While he was with EMI, Music Publishing Korea, he was able to sign the contract with Park, Jin Young (now one of big three in K-Pop production company in Korea) and over 70 other top Korean songwriters such as Song, Jae Joon who composed song called, 'GO HAE'.      Mr. David Cha was also hired by EMI Recorded Music as a President for Korean office and during his term, he has produced many of the Original Sound Track for TV drama as well as for the Korean Film and involved actively in production and distribution for many famous Korean artist albums.

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